Welcome to Gas Mask Games

Gas Mask Games is an independent role-playing game company based out of New York City. All game design is by Bret Gillan.

Arcon XI

We had a great time at Arcon XI. Two fun games of The Final Girl were run, along with the first ever playtest of our current project Gonzo, the game of gonzo journalism and grindhouse cinema. I enjoy going to Arcon every year and I'm looking forward to going back next year.

Cold Soldier is very close to release. Either this week or next it should be printed and available here and on the Un-Store. I'll be keeping you posted.

Current State of GMG

Hey folks! The Final Girl preorder is over. All preorders have been shipped and now I'm just doing the regular selling thing. You can get it from me at conventions (my next appearance will be at Arcon in Oswego, New York), on this site, or, very soon, the Unstore.

Cold Soldier is in the final stages of playtesting now. It will hopefully be complete in the next couple of months and available as a small, inexpensive booklet.

Final Girl pre-orders

The Final Girl is now available for preorder! Pre-orders will be going until the New Year, after which I'll order the first print run. Hopefully fulfillment will begin in mid-January or early February at the latest. More info on that as I get it. If you're interested in pre-ordering or learning more about the game, go to the Final Girl site. Or you can just click here and pre-order now!

Cold Soldier Promo

The Dark Master pets his creation.

Cold Soldier

Cold Soldier Playtest Document

I've managed to upload the Cold Soldier playtest document. You can find it on the Cold Soldier page of this website. It's the next planned project of mine once The Final Girl is completed. It has a good start, I think, and will probably take much less time to complete. I'm hoping to have it done sometime in 2012, if not sooner.

Web Site Incoming

So after picking up this domain a little while back, I've finally gotten around to putting a site together. This will eventually be your place to get up to date on what's going on with the games I'm developing and releasing, how you can purchase them, and maybe some assorted game design thoughts. Right now my current projects are The Final Girl, the horror movie game of who-will-survive?, and Cold Soldier, the Ronnie-winning 24-hour game of monstrosity and rekindled humanity.

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